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Supported adapters

We use dbt's profiles.yml files when connecting to your databases. If you haven't set up dbt yet, please go through the dbt documentation. Once you set up your database profiles, metriql CLI reads your profiles.yml file and connects to your database using these credentials.

metriql doesn't support all the dbt adapters at the moment because, unlike dbt, metriql needs to understand the SQL dialect and generate relevant SQL expressions when you run ad-hoc questions. Here is the list of adapters metriql supports:

Adapter forAdded versionSupported by dbtAvailable report typesDocumentation
Postgres0.03-betasegmentation, funnel, retention, sqlSee dbt
Redshift0.05-betasegmentation, funnel, retention, sqlSee dbt
BigQuery0.06-betasegmentation, funnel, retention, sqlSee dbt
Snowflake0.05-betasegmentation, funnel, retention, sqlSee dbt
Presto0.07-betaPartial supportsegmentation, funnel, sqlSee dbt
Mysql0.08-betasegmentation, sql
SQL Server0.08-betasegmentation, sql
Azure SQL0.08-betasegmentation, sql

Creating a new adapter#

You can build new adapters using our SPI, build a JAR, and include it in the classpath. See Creating new adapter