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If you're using aggregates in resource files, metriql needs to create the dbt models under models/metriql directory of your dbt project. You can run this command every time you push a commit to GIT repository to update the aggregate models.

Please see Aggregates to learn more about this feature.

./ generate --help#

Usage: commands generate [OPTIONS]
Generates dbt models for aggregates
-d, --debug Enable debugging
--profiles-dir TEXT Which directory to look in for the profiles.yml
file. Default = ~/.dbt
--profiles-content TEXT Profiles content as YML, overrides --profiles-dir
--profile TEXT Which profile to load. Overrides setting in
--project-dir TEXT Which directory to look in for the dbt_project.yml
file. Default is the current working directory and
its parents.
-o, --output-dir TEXT Which directory to create aggregate models.
-h, --help Show this message and exit