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You can run ad-hoc SQL queries using metriql just like the other reporting types. metriql compiles your SQL queries with Jinja. Here is an example query:

query: >
with nps_by_customer AS (
{{sql('segmentation', dataset = 'source('first_dataset', 'users')', measures=['nps'], dimensions=['plan_type'] )}}
select * from nps_by_customer
limit: 1000

When you run the query above, Metriql compiles it to the following query:

with nps_by_customer AS (
select plan_type, avg(nps) from customers group by 1
select * from nps_by_customer

That way, you can reference your metrics in your SQL queries and transform that as you wish.

The following Jinja functions are available in the context:

sql(type: string, options : object)#

It generates the SQL query for the report type given the report options. See the available report types.

var(name : string)#

It returns the variable given by --vars options to the REST server.


The number of maximum rows returned from the query. The default value is 1000