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Common field properties

We call measure, dimension, and relation properties as field. The following properties can be used in fields:


The unique identifier of a metric. If you set the name, you can reference the metric from other metrics. The names must be lowercase and does not have any special character except _. Metriql will complain if the field names that has whitespace, non-ascii, or any upppercase character.

name: total_events


The metriql type of the field.

Available values are:

  • string, boolean, array_string, map_string
  • date, timestamp, time support timeframes
  • integer, decimal, double, long support custom formatting
type: string


The value that will be visible in the user interface. If the label is not set, the default label is name.

label: Total Events


If you have many different fields for different use-cases, you can group them under different categories by setting the category field. By default, the fields are not categorized.

category: Product



label: The country the user signed up from


If the value is true, the model won't be visible in the user interface.

hidden: false


An object that defines how the value will be shown to the end user. Currently, metriql supports format_numbers.


format_numbers: 0.0%