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Metriql Docs

Headless BI for all your company data

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Integrate with your dbt projects

Metriql integrates with dbt and maps dbt resources as datasets. It can also create automatic dbt roll-up models to save data teams time.
Integrate metriqlLearn Aggregates

Define your metrics centrally

Define metrics centrally in a single place for once and all. No more defining metrics for each data tool one by one.
Tutorial for starters

Consume your metrics reliably

Synchronize your metrics to your BI tools, use them in Python or build embedded analytics applications via the REST API.
REST APIBI ToolsEmbedded

Why would you need Metriql?

  • You want to be able to easily change or add BI tools to your stack.
  • You want to share metric definitions across all your organization.
  • You want to optimize query performance and cost in your BI tools.
  • You spend too much time building roll-up tables and want to automate it.
  • See docs or FAQ for more information and comparison with alternatives.