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While Metriql is a relatively new project, we're working on integrating BI tools using our low-level integrations such as REST API and JDBC driver. If your BI tool already integrates with Trino (formerly Presto), you can use the Metriql URL and port to connect your Metriql server. Note that Metriql doesn't embed Trino; it acts as Trino for the BI tools. However, it rewrites the query and directly runs it on your database.

BI ToolStatusIntegration Method
rakamReady โœ…Native
Google Data StudioReady โœ…Community Connector
LookerReady โœ…Trino + LookML project
TableauReady โœ…Presto
RedashReady โœ…Trino / Presto
SeekTableReady โœ…Trino / Presto
SupersetReady โœ…Trino
Mode AnalyticsReady โœ…Trino
Sisense Cloud (formerly Periscope)Ready โœ…Presto
Thoughtspot(Partially) Ready โœ…Presto
MetabaseReady โœ…Trino / Presto
Power BI๐Ÿšง In ProgressXMLA server
Qlik๐Ÿ™‹ Needs testingPresto
MicroStrategy๐Ÿ™‹ Needs testingPresto
Data ApplicationStatusIntegration Method
Google SheetsReady โœ…Marketplace Add-on
ZapierQueuedPartner Integration
AirtableQueuedDeveloper App
SlackQueuedBolt API
SQL ClientStatusIntegration Method
DbveaverReady โœ…Trino / Presto JDBC
Jetbrains DataGripReady โœ…Trino / Presto JDBC
CLIReady โœ…Trino / Presto CLI
PythonReady โœ…Trino / Presto Python Package

Let us know if you would like to suggest a new integration on Github or if you're a BI vendor looking to integrate metriql, join our community on Slack.

Needs testing?#

If the BI tool already supports Trino or Presto, you can connect to Metriql using that interface. If you use Metriql URL and port, Metriql will expose all your datasets inside them as regular database tables & columns. You can reference your measures & dimensions using MQL reporting type, Metriql will parse the query and compile it to SQL for the target data warehouse. For the BI tools that don't have a free trial, we're not able to test and verify if Metriql is working fine. I appreciate it if you would like to test and share a short demo video in that case!

Please note that all the integrations are in the alpha stage at the moment. You can also see our roadmap for the integrations here.