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This integration is currently in beta; please let us know if you run into any issues.

You can connect to Metriql from Superset using Trino driver to query the datasets from both SQL Lab and query builder. In addition to the Trino driver, we also provide a native integration with our open-source Superset driver to syncronize Metriql datasets as Superset datasets with metrics & column definitions.

Once you start Metriql, you should enter your Superset URL and credentials in the dashboard as follows:

Metriql Superset Dashboard

When you click synchronize database button, we create all the Metriql datasets under the data or edit them if they're already created.

Superset Query


Why don't you use Superset API?#

While Superset provides an API, it doesn't let updating / creating datasets and databases. Therefore, we create session tokens using internal APIs and interact with the internal APIs.

Do you support Preset Cloud?#

Yes! Preset offers an API in their Enterprise Plan, and you can use the API tokens to be able to synchronize the metrics of Superset deployments in your Preset account. The token in the picture below should be passed as --superset-username, and the value of secret should be passed as --superset-password:

Preset API Token

I'm not able to connect Metriql using SSL.#

You need to enter the following setting in your Superset connection:

"engine_params": {"connect_args": {"http_scheme": "https"}},