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Metriql CLI

Metriql CLI has two commands:

  • generate generates Aggregate dbt models inside your dbt project

  • serve creates an HTTP server that lets you connect your datasets from your data tools.

The CLI interacts with the dbt via Metadata API. You need to run dbt compile and generate target/manifest.json and pass the URI of the file as an option.


Please note that you need to install dbt to use metriql.

We recommend you use install metriql using one of three tried and tested methods:

docker pull buremba/metriql:latest

And run the following command:

export DBT_PROFILES_DIR=${HOME}/.dbt
export METRIQL_PORT=5656
docker run -it -p "${METRIQL_PORT}:5656" -v "${DBT_PROJECT_DIR}:/root/app" -v "${DBT_PROFILES_DIR}:/root/.dbt" -e METRIQL_RUN_HOST= -e DBT_PROJECT_DIR=/root/app buremba/metriql \